Well, it's taken a little more time to get here than we expected, but we really are and so happy and excited to welcome you to Happy Vintage.

When we set out to do this a lot of people have asked us a few questions, like...

  • What is the difference between Vintage and Retro?
  • Just how old are these sort of items?
  • Why do people want to wear these things?
  • ...and many more

Vintage items are a true, original representation of the era and of the styles from the period when they were made.  Clothes, shoes and accessories manufactured between 20 to 100 years ago are generally considered vintage,  many believe the idea of re-using older items started during World War 1 as a solution to the shortage of goods and new textiles.  "Retro" often describes more modern items whose style is inspired by past vintage eras.

People love to wear vintage clothing for many different reasons; to represent an era that they love, others like to wear something they know is an original and to mix these with modern fashions in a unique way.  Then there is always dressing-up just for the fun of it, or to attend a special event or festival.  Whatever your interest might be we hope you find something here that you will love and we will always be on the the look out to find new items if nothing catches your eye right now.  Just pop in and have a look and enjoy the discovery of clothes your parents, or even grand-parents, probably used to own and love.

Just another note on our sizing descriptions, which we work very hard on as a priority,  as is mentioned on both our ‘About Us and the "Measurement Guide" pages, we have provided as many different measurements we can think of to help you make the right choice.  Our models, Shelley and Sean, being mannequins, are of a fixed size that accommodate all our items.  There will be a little pinch here, and a little tuck there to show off everything to its best, but please check the "HV" sizing shown in the item description.  We try to ensure we have as broad a size range as possible and you will find items from small to plus sizes.  If there are any queries with the measurements or any anything else please just ask us on the "Contact Us" page and we will be happy to help.

Happy hunting.