About Us

Happy Vintage

We are a small family business with a love for vintage and retro items, the lifestyle, music and dance

Whether it's an unused original, a loved or pre-loved favourite, or a remake of exceptional style, we are pleased to find and pass them on to you.  Mixing vintage with new and wearing something original that's probably a one-off not only gets you noticed, you simply feel good too.  We hand-pick all our clothes and items (no, really!) and lovingly take good care of everything until they are passed on to you.  Everything is carefully washed, cleaned, steamed-cleaned and pressed, always appropriate to their fabric and age.  Every item is measured from every angle as standard sizes often change over the years, we do declare the originally stated sizes where found but please take note of our additional measurements and check the measurements guide.

  • Great quality products
  • Something for everyone
  • Affordable prices

Our Ethos

Wear Me!  Use Me!

Our items are simply too good to be left in the wardrobe or folded on a shelf; wear or use them and get noticed.


The only rule is 'don't be boring', dress up wherever you're going.  Life is too short to blend in.

Paris Hilton

Don't be into trends and don't make fashion own you.  You decide what you are and how to express yourself by the way you dress and live.

Gianni Versace